Soccer Data

A collection of datasets around soccer

David Schoch


This repository contains some datasets around football (soccer). The main dataset contains results from ~1 million top-tier games.

Football Results Dataset

data/results contains results of 1,078,214 football games in 207 top-tier domestic leagues and 20 international tournaments (UEFA EuroLeague/ChampionsLeague,etc.) from 1888-2019. The files are split up by competition but all follow the same scheme.


variable description
home home team name (not necessarily unique)
away away team name (not necessarily unique)
date date of match
gh goals for home team (including extra time and penalties)
ga goals for away team (including extra time and penalties)
full_time “F”=game ended in 90’, “E”=extra time, “P”=penalty shoot-out
competition country name of league or name of international competition
home_ident unique identifier of home team
away_ident unique identifier of away team
home_country country of home team
away_country country of away team
home_code country code of home team
away_code country code of away team
home_continent continent of home team
away_continent continent of away team
continent continent of competition
level “national”= domestic league, “international”= international cup


The folder Rscripts contains some R code with basic analyses which could get you going:

  • 01_basic_stats.R: very simple stats (number of games, goals, etc)
  • 02_soccerverse.R: some code for figures on


This dataset definitely contains errors, especially for older games, where sources are not as reliable. A big issue are teams that merge/split/dissolve over time, which (I think) I did not resolve consistently over time.

I have gathered this dataset over the course of 8 years and put a lot of effort in it (see If you use the data for any kind of project, please drop me a line or ping me on twitter. I hapilly include your results on too.

formations and lineups

The folder data/formations contains lineups and formations datasets