R packages I actively develop and maintain


The package implements several new layout algorithms to visualize networks which are not provided by standarad graph packages. Most are based on the concept of stress majorization by. Some more specific algorithms allow to emphasize hidden group structures in networks, focus on specific nodes or specific types of networks.


Implements methods for centrality related analyses of networks. While the package includes the possibility to build more than 20 indices, its main focus lies on index-free assessment of centrality via partial rankings obtained by neighborhood-inclusion or positional dominance. These partial rankings can be analyzed with different methods, including probabilistic methods like computing expected node ranks and relative rank probabilities (how likely is it that a node is more central than another?).


The package contains a large collection of network dataset with different context. This includes social networks, animal networks and movie networks. All datasets are in ‘igraph’ format.


RStudio addin which provides a GUI to visualize and analyse networks. After finishing a session, the code to produce the plot is inserted in the current script. Alternatively, the function SNAhelperGadget() can be used directly from the console. Additional addins include the Netreader() for reading network files, Netbuilder() to create small networks via point and click, and the Componentlayouter() to layout networks with many components manually.


Implements several algorithms for bundling edges in networks and flow and metro map layouts. This includes force directed edge bundling, a flow algorithm based on Steiner trees and a multicriteria optimization method for metro map layouts.


Implements methods for the analysis of signed networks. This includes several measures for structural balance, blockmodeling algorithms, various centrality indices, and projections of signed two-mode networks.


This package implements several methods to encode networks as Encode network data as strings of printable ASCII characters.


Visualize networks using the javascript library roughjs. This allows to draw sketchy, hand-drawn-like networks.


Draw maps using the javascript library roughjs. This allows to draw sketchy, hand-drawn-like maps.


This package implements several themes for ggplot to bring your data into the world of Pokemon.


Provides a collection of network analytic (convenience) functions, missing in other standard packages. This includes forms of dyad and triad census with attributes and equivalence measures. All functions are build upon igraph


Analyzing two mode networks and their porjections