Hypergraph Representations: A Study of Carib Attacks on Colonial Forces, 1509-1700

Termeh Shafie, David Schoch Jimmy Mans, Corinne Hofman & Ulrik Brandes



Network data consisting of recorded historical events can be represented as hypergraphs where the ties or events can connect any number of nodes or event related attributes. In this paper, we perform a centrality analysis of a directed hypergraph representing attacks by indigenous peoples from the Lesser Antilles on European colonial settlements, 1509–1700. The results of central attacks with respect to attacked colonial force, member of attack alliances, and year and location of attack are discussed and compared to a non-relational exploratory analysis of the data. This comparison points to the importance of a mixed methods approach to enhance the analysis and to obtain a complementary understanding of a network study.

Journal of Historical Network Research, 1(1)